About New Man Clinic

New Man Clinic offers professional advice and natural treatment for hair loss and various hair and scalp medical conditions, such as seborrheic dermatitis or scalp psoriasis. Our mobile dermotrichology service makes it easier to get your condition checked by the experts. Areas covered by the service include: Birmingham, Derby, Draycott and Nottingham.

Let New Man Clinic help you. Call 01212 247404 to arrange your no obligation hair loss or scalp diseases consultation.

First dermotrichological clinic in the UK

Joanna - dermotrichologist at New Man Clinic Kapyderm Birmingham UK.New Man Clinic is the first and unique dermotrichological clinic in the United Kingdom where in one place you can get:

No matter what your age, sex and medical condition... You are welcome in our clinic!

New Man Clinic - Kapyderm UK - Birmingham - hair and scalp doctor - dermotrichology service - trichologistNew Man Clinic offers:

Our mission statement:

New Man Clinic, our team of dermotrichologist professional experts provide our clients with highest degree of customer service in an exclusive and unique settings. We are committed to perform our service exceptionally well and continually strive to improve ourselves in the areas of education in our skill, both within the clinic and in the external professional beauty community. We continually search the industry market place for the newest technology and the finest solutions in hair disorders and scalp disease, in order to provide our clients with the excellence in beauty treat and care experience, thereby building a long-lasting relationship of trust and commitment.

Our clinic was created with a few simple goals in mind:

New Man Clinic - trichology - Birmingham - trichologist - Kapyderm hair and scalp treatments - brochureTo help everybody who suffers from hair loss and different hair/scalp medical conditions, who craves professional advice how to treat one’s hair in order to have healthy hair and scalp. We help to recover not only self confidence but what is more importantly healthy look.

To provide hair and scalp treatments and products that really work. To establish a relationship with salons and clinics owners in order to increase their profitability and educate their personnel. To help stylists identify their customers' hair and skin needs or issues. To provide the salons with the necessary tools to keep their customers happy, not just with the haircut, but with the overall care of their hair and skin.

For us, these goals are an obligation that any company in the Hair and Skin Care Industry should have to their customers. In a few years, Kapyderm has positioned itself as the leader in their field by providing a combination of very effective natural products and a quality of service.

New Man Clinic - created for you…