What makes New Man Clinic different...

...and why are we the best?

1. We don't sell online!

Firstly, we care about our clients... Their health, welfare and satisfaction from the effects of treatments are the most important things to us.

Unsuitable products and use of treatments available online may not work and can cause side effects. The core of this problem lies in the lack of direct sales and professional advice.

Every case is unique; New Man Clinic offers a professional consultation (which includes hair & scalp examination) for as little as £29.00.

We don’t waste our customers' money. We are always effective and we've got a solution to every problem concerning hair and scalp. And what's more, all of that at affordable prices.

2. New Man Clinic is an exclusive Kapyderm's natural dermotrichological products & treatments distributor and official brand promoter for the United Kingdom.

We helped millions of people around Europe and we are finally in the UK. New Man Clinic's dermotrichological treatments were developed by Kapyderm specialists, who have over 20 years of experience in field of dermotrichology. The entire range of Laboratorios Kapyderm products is backed by the results of test in our Medical-Technical Department. The range has earned the support of the Association of Trichologists, and most importantly to us, the trust and recognition of all our customers.

3. Always FREE, regular hair and scalp check-ups

We don't forget about you, after you've bought the treatment. We never stop caring about our clients and those who decided to buy 3 to 6 month treatments are monitored regularly to determine individual needs. What is worth mentioning is that we do it totally free of charge.