What is dermotrichology?

Dermotrichology deals with scientific study of the hair and scalp care. Moreover, it helps to treat each anomaly concerning scalp. After proper diagnosis and finding out the reasons of hair loss a dermotrichologist can determine individual treatment.

Natural hair and scalp care

Kapyderm hair loss treatments, scalp diseases treatments, natural hair and scalp treatments, New Man Clinic BirminghamCosmetics producers in their pursuit to develop more and more high-tech products for hair care forget about scalp. Scalp on the other hand takes crucial role when it comes to good condition of our hair. The most common disorders which we encounter in our clinic are hair loss, hair thinning, miniaturization of hair, dandruff, seborrhoea, itching, irritation, seborrheic dermatitis, dry and damaged hair after colouring or dehydrated scalp.

Living in a stressful and polluted environment, bad eating habits, hormonal imbalance - all of these factors can have bad influence on our hair and scalp condition. Hair can be considered as a biomarker of our organism because its look gives us the clues of dysfunction occurrence.

Examination and trichological consultation in our clinic is to diagnose the problem and to choose the right treatment. In most of the cases self-diagnosis and self-treatment cause more harm than good, intensifying the symptoms of a disorder. We highly advise you to take the opportunity of having a consultation with our Kapyderm specialists. Frequently just one interview and examination exposes abnormalities in hair care routine which can have a negative effect on patient's hair and scalp.

New Man Clinic - scalp examination - trichologist BirminghamDermotrichological assessment

Dermotrichology is an effective, innovative method of hair and scalp care. It allows to make a professional assessment of hair and scalp conditions by performing a trichogram using a micro-camera capable of 200x magnification that shows the exact hair follicles and scalp conditions in "live view" on the computer screen.

After the diagnosis the Technical Dermotrichology Consultant determines appropriate treatment with natural Kapyderm products only. Effects can be visible after few treatments. Depending on the severity of the disorder, additional tests, such as elemental hair analysis, hormones or food intolerance tests, might be required.