Test: androgenic alopecia in men and vulnerability to finasteride

Protect your hair. Fight androgenic alopecia.


Androgenic alopecia in men

Test for male pattern baldness checks what the risk of hair loss is if androgenic alopecia occurs. Additional test for vulnerability to finasteride gives verification of effective use of drug in therapy against this particular medical condition.

Excessive hair loss in men is an acute problem. Furthermore, it affects every second man before his 50’s. Facing the issue of hair loss at young age can lead to low self-esteem this is why, it is serious especially when a young man is affected by this particular medical condition. The only way to fight effectively with male pattern baldness is to learn about it at the early stage. It gives you the chance to get the best treatment suitable in your case.

The most common reason for male pattern baldness is androgenic alopecia. In majority of cases genetic predispositions are connected with the changes in androgen receptor gene. Thus, of course, may be the indication of serious dermatological and endocrinological diseases. Early diagnosis is important for the sake of aesthetic as well as health reasons.

Test for male pattern baldness helps to find out the causes of hair loss and gives you a chance to stop the symptoms at the early stage or even prevent their occurrence. Moreover, it gives you insight whether the risk of benign prostatic hyperplasia applies to you. Test for male pattern baldness itself is supplemented by the test for vulnerability to finasteride which is the most effective mean for androgenic alopecia.