Test: androgenic alopecia in women and vulnerability to finasteride

Protect your hair. Fight androgenic alopecia.


>Androgenic alopecia in women

Androgenic alopecia in women test lets establish the risk of losing hair because of androgenic alopecia. Additional test for vulnerability to finasteride gives verification of effective use of drug in therapy against particular medical condition.

Beautiful hair is a signature of every woman. That is why losing those affects one’s self esteem. Normally this medical condition is associated with men; however it applies to women as well. It can relate to every second woman before her 60’s.

The most common reason for losing hair is androgenic alopecia. Each case differs from another and it is connected with genetic predispositions which depend on changes in androgen receptor gene. First signs of hair loss usually are underestimated by women. They often assign them to be the outcome of intensive care or hair styling. Unfortunately losing hair may be the symptom of very serious dermatological and endocrinological diseases. Early diagnosis is very important for the further treatment concerning either aesthetic or health issues.

This test allows finding out the risk of androgenic alopecia before the symptoms occur.