Daily Hair Care

Improve condition of your hair, protect and sustain their intensity and gloss!

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Daily hair care treatment from Kapyderm UK - New Man Clinic Birmingham UKRebuild of weak and senescent hair

Physical, mechanical and chemical factors lead to structural weakness of hair which is the reason of its wear (i.e. aging of the hair). The end parts of hair and endings itself become dry, harsh and brittle. Kapyderm's daily use products protect your hair from deterioration and slow down its aging process.

Our products are always individually chosen to meet our clients' needs. They are created for delicate, thin, fatigued or damaged hair.

Kapyderm Daily Hair Care products provide gradual restoration of hair fibres' cohesion in most damaged parts of hair. Giving hair volume, lightness, softness and sikliness, they rebuild hair and maintain its healthy state.


How much hair loss treatment cost?

Daily Hair Care - cost

Our dermotrichologists choose the right products according to client's individual needs.

Cost of daily hair care products package can start from as little as £19.99 per month.

Let New Man Clinic - Kapyderm UK help you.

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