Elemental Hair Analysis
  • Full assessment of the quality of mineral metabolism.
  • Learn about the nutrition of your organism.
  • Determine your metabolic type and discover your health-related tendencies.

What is Elemental Hair Analysis?

What is Elemental Hair Analysis?

Elemental Hair Analysis - Health programme assesses the nutrition status of the organism basing on the quantity and ratio of elements in your hair. This modern diagnostic method tests the level of the most important elements in the human body24 bioelements and 5 toxic elements. Hair reflects the biochemical status of your organism. Unlike in blood tests, it can be precisely determined for the period of few weeks, not just few hours.

What are the benefits of elemental hair analysis?

What are the benefits of Elemental Hair Analysis?

Diet which lacks sufficient amounts of vitamins and microelements, stress, no physical exercise, fast life – all these influence the balance of elements in our organisms. In the long run, deficiencies or surpluses of elements lead to metabolic disorders, which in turn may contribute to chronic diseases. Such tendencies my be prevented with the use of a proper diet and supplementation of vitamins and minerals. You need to learn in detail about the needs of your organism in order to provide it with relevant nutrients and balance the ratio of elements.

Elemental hair analysis - for whom?

For whom?

Elemental Hair Analysis - Health programme is especially recommended to individuals who have problems with maintaining mental and physical fitness, in particular to those with low immunity. Elemental Hair Analysis - Health programme is used in preventive medicine for adults and children (from 3 years old), as well as in supporting medical treatment and recovery. It is most often performed in the cases of gastrological, hormonal, neurological, dermatological, cardiologic and bone and joint disorders.

Elemental hair analysis - measurement of 29 elements in hair

You will receive:

  • Measurement of 29 elements in hair
  • Description of a metabolic type and health tendencies
  • 2 supplementation plans: corrective one for 1-3 months, and preventive one
  • Diet for 7 days, along with recipes and recommended physical exercises
  • Sending the result FREE via post and e-mail for 6 months

A report with the results of Elemental Hair Analysis - Health programme consists of about 40-50 pages for an adult person, and apart from diagrams and ratios of tested elements, it includes: metabolic type description, supplementation programme, metabolic diet.

See an example result of Elemental Hair Analysis:

Elemental Hair Analysis - New Man Clinic

Elemental Hair Analysis - how to order?

How to order?

Elemental Hair Analysis - Health programme may be ordered directly at New Man Clinic in Birmingham.

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