Kapyderm exclusive product distribution

New Man Clinic Ltd. is an exclusive Kapyderm's dermotrichological products distributor and official brand promoter for the United Kingdom.

Kapyderm is finally in the UK!

Kapyderm system is based on a highly-technical, highly-effective, therapeutic range of products that are extremely well tolerated by the skin without triggering irritation or rebound effects. This is achieved thanks to the hight content of natural ingridients and balanced formulas jointly developed by Kapyderm's departments of pharmaceutical medicine and bio-research in collaboration with leading international brands.

The entire range of Kapyderm products has earned the support of the International Association of trichologists and, most importantly to us, the recognition of all our clients.

New Man Clinic - Kapyderm products


Amongst the very important aspects of the collaboration with our partners are abroad courses in dermotrichology and Kapyderm products. The courses are certified and authorized by Kapyderm. The objective of the courses is to train the participants to be able to identify and treat each and every problem concerning hair and scalp using the best combination of Kapyderm products. Each case is unique, and therefore knowledge about Kapyderm products, their effect on hair and scalp, and how to combine them to get the best nourishing effects is crucial.

We offer you courses on issues such as:

  • Knowledge about biological construction of scalp and hair,
  • Hair and scalp disorders such us: baldness, dry dandruff, greasy scalp, seborrheic dermatitis, psoriasis, etc.,
  • Introduction to dermotrichology,
  • How to identify various scalp and hair disorders,
  • How to make proper hair and scalp examination,
  • How to choose the right treatment for the patient,
  • Getting to know the Kapyderm products,
  • How to properly perform trychological treatment,
  • Dermotrichology practical workshops,
  • Therapeutic effects of the products after the treatment.


If you'd like to participate in our certified trichological courses or are interested in collaboration with our company, please contact us at info@newmanclinic.co.uk or give us a call on 01212 247404.