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Few words about us...

New Man Clinic is the first dermotrichological clinic in the UK using ONLY natural treatments and unique Kapyderm products. We are an exclusive representative and distributor of Kapyderm products for the United Kingdom.

For the past 20 years, together with our partners, we've been helping people who suffer from various hair and scalp disorders. We've helped over one million patients around the Europe fight conditions such as hair lossscalp psoriasis, dandruff (dry and greasy) etc. Click here for more information about our hair and scalp treatments offered by New Man Clinic, Kapyderm.


Who is NMC's dermotrichological offer suitable for?

Hair treatments department

Our team of dermotrichologists at New Man Clinic offer advice and treatment for hair loss and variety of scalp conditions.

Please feel free to contact us on 01212 247404 if you have any questions about professional hair care from NMC, suffer from a hair or scalp disease or would like to book a consultation.

We treat every type of hair lossbaldness and other hair and scalp disorders such as dandruffpsoriasisseborrhea, seborrheic dermatitis, eczema, etc...

Hair beauty department

Our hair beauty department was created for those who need customised, everyday hair treatments, especially for women who suffer from damaged hair or hair endsdry scalp and other issues caused by hair colouring.

You can stop purchasing over the counter products and paying for expensive treatments which don’t work. New Man Clinic offers you a comprehensive, non-invasive (no-scalpel, no-laser), non-steroidal solution to all your hair and scalp problems.

Our offer to you:

New Man Clinic, together with Kapyderm – We are here for YOU...

The brands

At New Man Clinic we pride ourselves to only use top quality brands. All our products are composed of active principles derived from plants, meeting the demands of phytological research, the effectiveness of which has been proved by professionals in the field of dermotrichology. The innovative equipment from DinoLite helps our technical dermotrichology consultants perform in-depth hair and scalp analysis. To find out more about the brands click on the logos below.

New Man Clinic brands - Hair dermNew Man Clinic brands - KapydermNew Man Clinic brands -DinoLite